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Wilcom Premier dealer of Embroidery Studio and DecoStudio Embroidery Software

"When I reflect back on my start in the decorated apparel business it seems like just yesterday. That year was 1992 and when I think about the date it sounds like such a long time ago, yet I observe others asking the same questions I did. What pains me is I also witness many making the same mistakes I did."

  • Purchasing the wrong software for their long range needs.
  • Purchasing the software that conveniently comes with their equipment.
  • Purchasing from a company that won't be around years down the road.
  • Purchasing from a salesperson who doesn't know the product or understand the business.
  • Purchasing from a salesperson who isn't concerned with whether you ever learn to use the software.

"My very first salesperson was Sal Lucchese. Sal took the time to steer me in the right direction and what I didn't realize at the time was he wasn't only teaching me how to be successful in the embroidery business, he was also setting a positive example for how to be a fair and honest saleperson. Sal took interest in his customers I believe because he truly did care about them. Sal is still in the embroidery business and still a person I respect both professionally and personally."

"I do everything I can to address the concerns I listed above. I don't only want my company to succeed, I want yours to succeed as well. Companies working together in a positive manner will make our industry stronger. Purchasing the right brand of software at the level that meets your needs means you will not over spend or have too much of a learning curve to conquer. Strawberry Stitch Co. isn't concerned with selling you the most expensive product we can as quickly as we can. We know we are building a relationsip and will be around later to assist you when you are ready to make that additional purchase."

"Enough about what I think. I want you to hear what others think."
Thomas L. Moore Jr.

Company Contact Comments Advice
Shuffletown Embroidery Mary Buckle Everything I needed to know about digitizing and digitizing software I learned from SSC. I was lucky enough to discover Tom at a trade show early in my career and I've been a student of his ever since. His teaching style is informative and thorough, and what he teaches and how he teaches rings true to me. He is dedicated to knowing the software inside and out so that he can help his students know how to use it effectively and efficiently. I feel fortunate and proud to be one of his students.
JQ Designs LLC Janet Q. Aldred, CPIM I couldn't be happier that I purchased my Wilcom software through Strawberry Stitch. To me, there really isn't any choice. Thomas is an honest industry professional whose opinion I trust. He is a world class, knowledgeable digitizer that actually uses Wilcom. Just "making the sale" is not what Thomas is about. He is truly concerned with his clients' success in the embroidery industry. When you purchase your Wilcom through Strawberry Stitch, you get one of the best mentors in the business. Strawberry Stitch also offers fabulous education for Wilcom, and you actually get some free classes with your purchase. When I was "trained" to use my old software, I was shown what buttons to push. Tom has taught me not only how to use the software, but the "why" behind choices that make great designs. Thanks Tom!
Butterfly Embroidery LLC Ann Behnke

I had purchased 2 digitizing software programs prior to purchasing Wilcom. To make it short and sweet...Wilcom has features inside features (other software programs only have features..not the features inside features) and you can do so much more with this software, it's unbelievable. I am so very happy I purchased it.

I am very glad I purchased my Wilcom from Strawberry Stitch. They are always here to answer any of my questions. I feel I am finally on the right track after years of searching.

Lisa, you have been a fantastic help to me too. You have a lot of patience, I must have called you a couple dozen times before purchasing. You were always so very nice!

Grand Mesa Embroidery Charlene Knoll

My philosophy is to not only to purchase the very best, but to purchase from the very best. That is Strawberry Stitch Company. Through the years I purchased add on's to ES45, my upgrade to ES65 and immediately purchased Wilcom e1.5 when it became available.

I have already taken advantage of the pre-sale for Wilcom e2. I trust Wilcom, but most of all, I trust Thomas Moore and Strawberry Stitch Company for education, support and encouragement for all my embroidery endeavors.

Wilcom has always been innovative and up to date. I made my initial purchase in 1996 after evaluating many embroidery software systems. I began with level ES35 (the DOS version) which quickly became ES45 (the Windows version.) I purchased Wilcom for its ability to edit stitch files that I had purchased when establishing my business in 1994. The on screen digitizing ability of the software was a super plus for me as well. My philosophy has always been to purchase the very best if given the opportunity. That to me is Wilcom and it always will be.

Kris Combs

I switched to Wilcom from Strawberry Stitch because of the training offered. Along with digitizing theory, you get to learn more about the program, how it works, and how to use different tools.

I cannot for the life of me understand any digitizing program being sold today that doesn't have their version of Strawberry Stitch Co. training. I guess there just aren't enough Toms to go around.

We initially called SSC to find out more about Wilcom and Lisa was very prompt on returning our call and setting up a webinar for us with Tom so we could get a preview of Wilcom and what it had to offer.

Tom was patient with all of our questions, very helpful and not the "pushy salesman" we expected.

We used another software for a few years before switching to Wilcom, and I couldn't be happier! Wilcom has made our production time faster, and I seldom have to make changes to a design after test stitching because of the accuracy Wilcom provides.

I also attribute this to the classes I've taken with SSC.

Tom is a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor, and I highly recommend taking his classes when you have a chance.

We've joined other groups, and have paid money for competitor's videos, but nothing has compared to the instruction we've received from SSC. They've been very helpful and well worth the time and money spent.

Thanks Tom and SSC! You've made my job even more enjoyable!

Margie Medeiros Raven Stitches After much research it was very apparent to me that Wilcom is the leader and innovator in digitizing software. After deciding on Wilcom, I attended an ISS show to further investigate software prior to making a final descision to purchase. While at ISS I also met as many trainers as possible and attended lots of seminars. I was very impressed by several of the educators I met, but Thomas Moore of Strawberry Stitch Company offered more comprehensive training than the others. I have not been disappointed - Strawberry Stitch Company continues to provide excellent after-sales service, education and products.
Print'n'Stitch Mike Geverd I have found Wilcom to be a solid, customer oriented company and Strawberry Stitch an excellent service oriented distributor. I had a very bad experience with Wings. And that's why I went to Wilcom and I've never looked back.
Monograms Plus Maryellen Baker I am so pleased and impressed with the Wilcom software in terms of my everyday operation which entails much individual personalization. When my project is digitizing, I am more than pleased with the interface. I won't even try to list the ways in which Wilcom makes the process easier and more precise. I couldn't be happier with my decision to transition. Thank you for the support.

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